New York Veterinarian Network

Welcome Pet Owners

Based upon our experience with expensive veterinary insurance plans, we set out to develop an affordable, cost-effective veterinary benefit plan that really WORKS.

Many pet owners are unsure about the cost of veterinary services. This plan is designed to give you vital information about veterinary fees and services, and to save you money. In some important ways, this plan works like a cooperative. In exchange for membership in NVN, participating veterinarians offer our members affordable fees posted on our web site.

This is a reduced-fee veterinary benefit plan. It is not insurance. Pre-existing conditions are covered. The plan has no exclusions, limitations, or claim forms. All breeds of cats, dogs and a variety of other household pets are welcome, regardless of their health status or genetic issues.

NVN members will also be entitled to savings on pet supplies and services including Grooming, Training, and Boarding from providers posted on our website.

Here is what our members have to say about the plan:

Grace C, Westchester: I saved $140. on the first three kitten visits for vaccinations, worming, and exams.

Ronen A., Manhattan: I missed the exam and shots for both of my dogs last year, and I appreciated the savings this time around. I like the idea that most services and costs are spelled out in the fee schedule on your web site.

Eileen B., Nassau County: This plan saved me about $200 for surgery and medications for my ten year old kitty. The vet and her staff were very caring and professional.

Rhonda S., Queens: Finally, I took my Yorkie in to have her teeth cleaned. She also needed an extraction. I was able to save a little over $150. Thank you.

Richard E., Sufflok County: My dog needed his shots, worm medication, and lab work. In one visit to the vet, I saved a good deal more than the $36. this plan cost me for a year.

Membership cost is modest, as shown at the bottom of this page. The plan is designed to return your membership fee, each year, in the form of SAVINGS on veterinary services. This is our minimum goal for all members, old and new.

On our web site, we have posted a schedule of veterinary fees and services, showing member savings. We want our members and site visitors to know, in advance, how much veterinary services cost in the New York City Metro area. As a public service, we publish and update information about a wide variety of veterinary services and issues. See also, the glossary of veterinary terms posted on this website.

Here are some sample fees and member savings:

New Kitten Series: typically 3 or 4 vet visits from 6 to 16 weeks to include Exam and consultation, rechecks, fecal test/worming, FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) test, core vaccines and boosters: Feline Distemper - Feline Rhinotracheitis - Feline Calicivirus - Add Rabies vaccination at 16 weeks- Typical fee for Kitten Series - $465. Typical Network fee $310, Typical Member Savings - $155

New Puppy Series: typically 3 to 4 vet visits from 6 to 16 weeks to include Exam and consultation, rechecks, fecal test/worming, core vaccines and boosters: Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper, Canine Adenovirus. Each core vaccine should be given every 3 to 4 weeks, with final puppy vaccination at 14 to 16 weeks. Rabies vaccine, included in series, is usually not given until 14 to 16 weeks, for safety of puppy. Typical fee for Puppy series - $485. Typical Network member fee $325. Typical member savings - $160.

Adult cat or dog annual exam and two vaccines. Type and number of vaccines may vary. Typical fee $140 - $160 Typical Network member fee $95. Typical member savings - $55.

Dog or cat emergency visit: Exam-consultation, X-ray (1 view), sedation, sutures, wound dressing, antibiotics: Typical fee $360, Typical network member fee $255. Typical member savings - $105.

How can we demonstrate to you that this plan works?

We offer first time members a SIX MONTH trial period at cost of $18.00. All household pets will be covered during the trial period, and all services become available right away, including exams, vaccinations, emergencies, and treatment of pre-existing conditions. If the member is not satisfied, we will refund payment during first 90 days of membership, minus a $10.00 service fee.

After the 6 month trial period, if you want to continue your membership, cost options are:

Single Pet Membership $18.00 Semi-Annually
Multiple Pet Membership (all household pets covered) $28.00 Semi-Annually

All member payments are semi-annual and processed by PayPal. If you are not already a member of PayPal, you will be able to enroll in PayPal as part of this application, and link your major debit or credit card to your free and secure PayPal account that will be recognized at many web sites.

Membership fee payments will recur automatically on a semi-annual basis. A member can cancel membership payments by notifying NVN or PayPal. Contact us at any time if you have questions.